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J.L. McIntosh
I'm a retired history professor specializing in Tudor England and Gender history. An American by birth, I now live in London.
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About Me
Original portrait of Mary Tudor, daughter of Henry VIII as princess by Master John in 1544 (probably to mark her restoration to the succession by Parliament in 1544).
Using contemporary written accounts for clues about her appearancethe portrait here is presented after "play".
Unknown French lady,c.1545 unknown artist.  Picture badly needs cleaning by professional art restorer
A work in progress. . .
Queen Elizabeth I by unknown continental artist, c. 1575- a.k.a. the 'Darnley' portrait
Quite a difference, I know. The change in dress color and flesh tones is based  on research conducted by the National Portrait Gallery,London.  The Queen may personally have favored reds and pinks as this recalls the dress she chose to wear in the famous portrait of her as a princess.
Disclaimer: Using free image manipulation software and recent research (that I know of) into the portraits' original appearance, below are some pictures subjected to digital manipulation.  No claims are here being advanced of authenticity or "restorations".  I have no training whatsoever in art history or art restoration.  What is below are the dabblings of a rank amateur. 
The ‘Phoenix’ portrait, Queen Elizabeth I associated to  Nicholas Hilliard, c.1575. The original has yellowed considerably.  The similar "pelican" portrait" shows the potential of what this portrait would look like if cleaned by professionally- trained art restorers.
A digitally cleaned  version