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News and Reviews 

New book: Women Poets of the English Civil War
Elizabeth Scott-Baumann 
and Sarah Ross, click here.

2019 volume of Shakespeare 
Jahrbuch will be a special issue on “Exile and Migration”.
Deadline 30 April 2018
The editorial board invites essays on the following topics: Exile and migration in Shakespearean drama; Shakespeare read / performed in exile; Shakespeare across borders; Transcultural migrations of Shakespeare’s works; Exile and migration in the early modern age; Shakespeare and the so-called “refugee crisis”. Papers to be published in Shakespeare Jahrbuch should be formatted according to our style sheet, which can be downloaded here. Please send your manuscripts (of not more than 6,000 words) to the general editor of Shakespeare JahrbuchProfessor Sabine Schülting by 30 April 2018.

South, West and Wales DTP's new postgraduate journal: Question
We are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new, interdisciplinary and cross-institutional postgraduate journal called Question. If you would like a free copy, please contact Gemma for details of where to send a stamped addressed envelope.

About Question:
Question is a new, interdisciplinary, cross-institutional journal founded by the South West and Wales Doctoral Training Partnership. The aim is to encourage conversations across academic disciplines, sharing knowledge beyond traditional subject fields and, hopefully, gaining new insights as a result. The journal is fully dedicated to academic rigour, and will honour a ‘right to reply’ and double blind peer-review system. However, Question also operates on the maxim of ‘no prior knowledge’. Each piece will be presented in a format accessible to non-specialist audiences, allowing postgraduates (and hopefully lay audiences) to engage with topics outside of their fields and challenge, debate and contribute to the authors’ ideasSeeking Hosts for the Podcast New Books in British Studies

New Books in British Studies is currently seeking hosts interested in conducting interviews with authors of new books on Britain and its empire. Hosting the channel is a good way to bring the work of scholars of Britain and its empire to the attention of large audiences. Interested parties should write Marshall Poe.

Call for Articles - Antisemitism in Britain and Ireland
Antisemitism Studies welcomes the submission of manuscripts that contribute to the scholarly study of antisemitism. To see our upcoming second issue, click here.
We will consider articles on specific antisemitic episodes and their historical significance and impact on society, as well as more thematic and theoretical studies of the phenomenon. Authors may work from any disciplinary perspective, address any cultural, national, or religious context, and study any period of history, including the present. At this time, we are particularly interested in articles that address antisemitism in Britain and in Ireland.

Antisemitism Studies adheres to a double–blind peer review process in which the identities of the author and reviewers remain confidential. Please note that the formal evaluation process on all submissions takes anywhere between one and three months, and the period between acceptance of an article and its publication is between six months and one year. 
Please visit our website for further information.
Any questions about the journal or its submissions process may be directed to the editor.

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ARCHIVESthe highly regarded journal of the British Records Association is actively looking for articles and submissions are always welcome.We also appreciate being offered new books to review.

The journal is very much back in business. The delayed 2014 issue was mailed out last month and two further issues are in preparation. We are also pleased to announce the
appointment of Dr Neil Murphy, Senior Lecturer in Early Modern and European History in the Department of Humanities at Northumbria as our new Reviews Editor.

ARCHIVES is a peer refereed journal. There is no upper limit on the length of submissions but it is anticipated that very few will be longer than c.8,000 words including notes. It is published twice yearly.

Submissions must be the original work of the author(s) that have not been published previously, as a whole or in part, either in print or 
electronically, or is soon to be so published. 

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​On this day in history

On Google Books, there are 105,000,000 British History secondary sources and some primary ones.

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Events, prizes and fellowships

Below is a list of upcoming events, prizes, fellowships and conferences [CFPs are below] on British studies or seem particularly relevant/open tospecialists of Britain. Please note that some have deadlines coming up soon. If you have you have any suggested additions, please email them to me.

Short-term Fellowships at the Folger Shakespeare Library
​Apply now for a 2018-2019 Short-term Fellowship with the Folger Institute in Washington, D.C. The deadline for applications is March 1, 2018 and approaching quickly!

Each year, the Folger awards approximately forty-five short-term fellowships. Fellowships support scholars in residence for one to three months at $2,500 per month for up to $7,500.

The Folger supports research on all aspects of British and European literary, cultural, political, religious, theatrical, and social history from the fifteenth through the eighteenth centuries, and on British and American performance and theatre studies from the fifteenth century through to the present day. In addition to its well-known Shakespeare collections, other highlights of the Folger’s holdings include: a nineteenth-century costume collection; seventeenth-century French political pamphlets; early modern works on political philosophy; rare books and manuscripts on the “new worlds” of the early Americas; eighteenth-century lampoons and satires; an early modern manuscript recipe collection; twentieth-century promptbooks and theatre ephemera; and rare books and manuscripts on the early modern histories of science, technology, and medicine.

Our fellowships fund a range of projects. Folger fellows join together to create a high-powered, multidisciplinary community of scholars, who come from different fields but who share cognate interests in literature and history, art and performance, philosophy, religion, and politics. We welcome applications from artists, archivists, curators, independent scholars, and librarians, as well as faculty of any status, as long as they hold the terminal degree in their field.

Apply now online. Deadline for Short-term Fellowships is March 1, 2018.

Play Reading: Elizabeth I
Mar 9 2018 – 7:30
A reading of a play about the life of Queen Elizabeth I - "Elizabeth I: To Speak or Use Silence" - by scholar Carole Levin at the Old Parish House, 4711 Knox Road, College Park, MD 20741 one block from College Park metro, at the corner of Knox Road and Dartmouth Avenue in Old Town College Park.
Free and Open to the Public.
This reading is sponsored by College Park Arts Exchange, a grassroots arts non-profit supported in part by the City of College Park.
Your generous donations will be passed along to the actors.

Women’s Studies Group
Sunday March 11, 2018
Foundling Museum, 40 Brunswick Square, WC1N 1AZ
Dr Valerie Schutte - Princess, Duchess, Queen: Mary Tudor as Represented in the Long Eighteenth Century
Karen Lipsedge - Reading Women and the Eighteenth-Century Home
Dr Cheryll Duncan - Music, women and the law: the challenges and rewards of legal documents
Dr Catriona Cooper - Listening to the Commons: The Sounds of Debate and the Experience of Women in Parliament c.1800

Black Tudors: Three Untold Stories
14 March 2018, 5:00 PM
IAS Seminar Room 11, first floor, South Wing, UCL
Dr. Miranda Kaufmann tells the intriguing tales of three Africans: a diver employed by Henry VIII to recover guns from the wreck of the Mary Rose, a Moroccan woman baptised in Elizabethan London, and a porter who whipped a fellow servant at their master’s Gloucestershire manor house.

Collaborative PhD Studentship
UCL and the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust are delighted to announce a LAHP/AHRC-funded Collaborative PhD Studentship to research ‘Shakespeare and the Stratford-upon-Avon Antiquarians’. For details, please click here and here.
The closing date for applications is 6th April 2018.

Masque Dance and Music at the Jacobean Court
Stonyhurst College, Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 9PZ
5th to 12th August, 2018
This is a very special opportunity to enjoy and understand how a Jacobean masque functions, through a recreation of The Lords’ Masque, written by Thomas Campion for the nuptials of Elizabeth, Princess of England and First Lady of Scotland, the daughter of James I, on 14th February, 1613.  
The team of tutors has experience and expertise in the recreation of Stuart masques (the English ballet de cour), bringing to life the texts with the dance and music that were the heart of a masque. During the first two days, all students will have the chance to explore elements of a Jacobean masque. Rehearsals specifically for The Lords’ Masque will take place during the final four days, culminating in the performance on Saturday night. A short course option from Sunday to Wednesday morning is available, offering an excellent grounding in dance or music, and an introduction to masque elements, concluding with a festive Jacobean revel on Tuesday evening.  
Full course: £575 Short course: £250
More information and booking forms are available on the HDS website . You are welcome to contact the course administrator, Lynne Spicer, to discuss your needs (tel. 01664 822404 or email.

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Britain and the World 
Volume: 9, Number: 2 (September, 2016) 

Andrew M. Roe, Waging War in Waziristan: The British Struggle in the Land of Bin Laden, 1849–1947

Sarah Dry, The Newton Papers: The Strange and True Odyssey of Isaac Newton's Manuscripts

Lee Jackson, Dirty Old London: The Victorian Fight Against Filth 

Philip J. Stern and Carl Wennerlind (eds), Mercant-ilism Reimagined: Political Economy in Early Modern Britain and its Empire 

Nick Carter (ed.), Britain, Ireland and the Italian Risorgimento
David I. Kertzer

Warren Dockter, Churchill and the Islamic World: Orientalism, Empire and Diplomacy in the Middle East 
Antoine Capet 

Mark G. Hanna, Pirate Nests and the Rise of the British Empire, 1570–1740 
Jeremy Black

Janet Polasky, Revolutions without Borders: The Call to Liberty in the Atlantic World 
Mark Philp

Guy Woodward, Culture, Northern Ireland, and the Second World War 
Tom Walker 

Jeremy Black, The British Empire: A History and a Debate 
John M. MacKenzie 

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British Catholic History
Volume 32 - Issue 03 - May 2015

Review Article
Church and State: The Manning-Gladstone correspondence, 1833–1891
V. Alan McClelland

Joshua Rodda, Public Religious Disputation in England, 1558-1626
Kathryn Wolford

Silvia Mostaccio, Early Modern Jesuits between Obedience and Conscience during the Generalate of Claudio Acquaviva (1581–1615)
James E. Kelly

Arthur F. Marotti and Chanita Goodblatt, eds., Religious Diversity and Early Modern English Texts, Catholic, Judaic, Feminist and Secular Dimensions
Peter Davidson

Martyrdom and Terrorism. Pre-Modern to Contemporary Perspectives, ed. Dominic Janes and Alex Houen, 
Thomas M. McCoog

Mark Chapman, The Fantasy of Reunion. Anglicans, Catholics, and Ecumenism, 1833-1882

Jonathan Bush, ‘Papists’ and Prejudice: Popular Anti-Catholicism and Anglo-Irish Conflict in the North-East of England, 1845-70

Ciaran O’Neill, Catholics of Consequence: Transnational Education, Social Mobility and the Irish Catholic Elite 1850-1900
Moira Martin

T. A. Birrell, Aspects of Book Culture in Early Modern England, Variorum Collected Studies Series
Alison Shell

The British Journal for the History of Science
Volume 49 - Issue 01 - March 2016

Essay Review
Heredity, evolution and development in their (epistemic) environment at the turn of the nineteenth century
Federica Turriziani Colonna

Dennis Danielson, Paradise Lost and the Cosmological Revolution.
Mason Tattersall

David Beck (ed.), Knowing Nature in Early Modern Europe. 
Cornelis J. Schilt

Mark Francis and Michael W. Taylor (eds.), Herbert Spencer: Legacies. 
Gowan Dawson

Katherine C. Epstein, Torpedo: Inventing the Military–Industrial Complex in the United States and Great Britain.
Daniel Volmar

CERCLES Reviews (Feb. 2018

Thomas W. Cawkwell, UK Communication Strategies for Afghanistan, 2001-2014
Emma L. Briant

Paula E. Dumas, Proslavery Britain : Fighting for Slavery in an Era of Abolition
Nicholas Draper

Hilda Kean, The Great Cat and Dog Massacre : The Real Story of World War Two's Unknown Tragedy 
Hugh Clout

Mark Knights & Adam Morton (eds.), The Power of Laughter and Satire in Early Modern Britain : Political and Religious Culture, 1500-1820 
James Baker

Philippa Sheppard, Devouring Time : Nostalgia in Contemporary Shakespearean Screen Adaptations 
Victoria Bladen

James Stourton, Kenneth Clark : Life, Art and Civilisation 
Sue Breakell

Kathryn Sutherland, Jane Austen : Writer in the World 
Jacqueline Banerjee

New Open Access Book: The East India Company at Home, 1757-1857, Edited by Margot Finn and Kate Smith

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Church History: Studies in Christianity and Culture
Volume 86 / Issue 3, October 2017

Ryan McDermott, Tropologies: Ethics and Invention in England, c. 1350–1600. ReFormations Medieval and Early Modern. 
Theresa Tinkle

Peter Lake, Bad Queen Bess? Libels, Secret Histories, and the Politics of Publicity in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth I.
Ethan Shagan

Jane Dawson, John Knox. 
Margo Todd

Diarmaid MacCulloch, Thomas Cranmer: A Life. Revised edition. 

Jonathan Michael Gray, Oaths and the English Reformation
Brad Pardue

Adrian Green, Building for England: John Cosin's Architecture in Renaissance Durham and Cambridge. 
Debora Shuger 

Douglas A. Sweeney, Edwards the Exegete: Biblical Interpretation and Anglo-Protestant Culture on the Edge of the Enlightenment
Robert E. Brown

Margaret H. Turnham, Catholic Faith and Practice in England 1779–1992: The Role of Revivalism and Renewal. 
Oliver Rafferty

Mary Riso, The Narrative of the Good Death: The Evangelical Deathbed in Victorian England.  
Erik R. Seeman 

Comparative Studies in Society and History
Volume 58 - Issue 02 - April 2016

Richard B. Allen, European Slave Trading in the Indian Ocean, 1500–1850. 
Benjamin N. Lawrance

Continuity and Change
Volume 32 / Issue 3, November 2017

A. T. Brown, Rural society and economic change in County Durham: recession and recovery, c. 1400–1640 

Ritika Prasad, Tracks of change: railways and everyday life in Colonial India 

Anthony Buxton, Domestic culture in early modern England

Craig Spence, Accidents and violent death in early modern London 1650–1750

Cultural History 
Volume: 5, Number: 1 (April, 2016) 

Allen J. Frantzen, Food, Eating and Identity in Early Medieval England 
Irina A. Dumitrescu

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Early Music
Volume 45 Issue 3, August 2017

Odes on the death of Henry Purcell, ed. Alan Howard
Robert Shay

In Next Issue

Sandra Mangsen, Songs without words. Keyboard arrangements of vocal music in England
Elena Pons

English Historical Review
Volume 132, Issue 559 (Dec. 2017)

Healthcare in Ireland and Britain from 1850: Voluntary, Regional and Comparative Perspectives, ed. Donncha Seán Lucey and Virginia Crossman 
Mary E Daly

The History of Oxford University Press (3 vols.) 
Elisabeth Leedham-Green

Crawford Gribben, John Owen and English Puritanism: Experiences of Defeat
Samuel Fornecker

A.T. Brown, Rural Society And Economic Change In County Durham: Recession And Recovery, C.1400–1640
David Rollison

Peter Gurney, Wanting and Having: Popular Politics and Liberal Consumerism in England, 1830–70
Henry Miller

Advance articles

C. Brad Faught, Kitchener, Hero and Anti-Hero
Berny Sèbe

Sara Pennell, The Birth of the English Kitchen, 1600–1850
Lucy Dow

Elspeth Jajdelska, Speech, Print and Decorum in Britain, 1600–1750
S Tolley

George Molyneaux, The Formation of the English Kingdom in the Tenth Century
D Pratt

Neil Faulkner, Lawrence of Arabia’s War: The Arabs, The British and the Remaking of the Middle East in WWI

Lois G. Schwoerer, Gun Culture in Early Modern England
Catherine Fletcher

Paula E. Dumas, Proslavery Britain: Fighting for Slavery in an Era of Abolition
Richard Huzzey

Frontiers, States and Identity in Early Modern Ireland and Beyond: Essays in Honour of Steven G. Ellis, ed. Christopher Maginn and Gerald Power 
Raymond Gillespie

William J. Bulman, Anglican Enlightenment: Orientalism, Religion and Politics in England and its Empire, 1648–1771.
William Gibson

Lewis H. Mates,  The Great Labour Unrest: Rank-and-File Movements and Political Change in the Durham Coalfield 
David Howell

K.D.M. Snell, Spirits of Community: English Senses of Belonging and Loss, 1750–2000
Kate Smith

Ulrike Weber, Modernism in England: Londoner Bahnhöfe und der Deutsch–Englische Architekturtransfer vor 1933
Matthew Jefferies

Kathryn Rix,  Parties, Agents and Electoral Culture in England, 1880–1910
Alex Middleton

Admir Skodo, The Afterlife of Idealism: The Impact of New Idealism on British Historical and Political Thought, 1945–1980
Michael Bentley

Isla Fay, Health and the City: Disease, Environment and Government in Norwich, 1200–1575
Sophie Mann

William J. Bulman, Anglican Enlightenment: Orientalism, Religion and Politics in England and its Empire, 1648–1715
William Gibson

Amanda Jane Whiting, Women and Petitioning in the Seventeenth-Century English Revolution: Deference, Difference and Dissent
Naomi Pullin

​Susan Doran, Elizabeth I and Her Circle
Neil Younger

Popular Culture and Political Agency in Early Modern England and Ireland: Essays in Honour of John Walter, ed. Michael J. Braddick and Phil Withington 
Tom Webster

Latin in Medieval Britain, ed. Richard Ashdowne and Carolinne White 
Ralph Hanna

Early Medieval Kent, 800–1220, ed. Sheila Sweetin-burgh 
Oliver Creighton

Thom Richardson, The Tower Armoury in the Fourteenth Century
D M Palliser

​A History of the County of Oxford. Volume XVIII: Benson, Ewelme, and the Chilterns (Ewelme Hundred), ed. Simon Townley 
J R Maddicott

Supernatural and Secular Power in Early Modern England, ed. Marcus Harmes and Victoria Bladen 
Anna French

E.A. Wrigley, The Path to Sustained Growth: England’s Transition from an Organic Economy to an Industrial Revolution
David Meredith

Danielle McCormack, The Stuart Restoration and the English in Ireland
Ian W S Campbell

For the Sake of Learning: Essays in Honor of Anthony Grafton, ed. Ann Blair and Anja-Silvia Goeing 
Jan Machielsen

W.R. Streitberger, The Masters of the Revels and Elizabeth I’s Court Theatre
Cyndia Susan Clegg

Alexander Lock, Catholicism, Identity and Politics in the Age of Enlightenment: The Life and Career of Sir Thomas Gascoigne, 1745–1810
G M Ditchfield

Letters of Seamen in the Wars with France, 1793–1815, ed. Helen Watt with Anne Hawkins 
Roger Knight

Paul S. Lloyd, Food and Identity in England, 1540–1640: Eating to Impress 
Sally Templeman

The Historical Journal
Volume 59 - Issue 02 - June 2016

Review Article

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History Workshop Journal
Vol. 81, No. 1, Spring 2016

Allison P. Hobgood, Passionate Playgoing in Early Modern England
Will Tosh

Carolyn Steedman, An Everyday Life of the English Working Class: Work, Self and Sociability in the early Nineteenth Century
Selina Todd

Alban Webb, London Calling: Britain, the BBC World Service and the Cold WarDiasporas and Diplomacy: Cosmopolitan Contact Zones at the BBC World Service (1932–2012), ed. Marie Gillespie and Alban Webb, Simon J. Potter, Broadcasting Empire: the BBC and the British World, 1922–1970
Andrew Whitehead

Advance Access Alert

Philip Howell, At Home and Astray: The Domestic Dog in Victorian Britain
John Beusterien

Rachel Weil, A Plague of Informers: Conspiracy and Political Trust in William III’s England
Mark Knights

Vivienne Richmond, Clothing the Poor in Nineteenth-Century England
Sean Brady

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Innes Review 
Volume: 67, Number: 1 (May, 2016)

A House That Thieves Might Knock At: Proceedings of the 2010 Stirling and 2011 Dundee Conferences (Tower Studies, 1 & 2). Edited by Richard

Supplications from England and Wales in the Registers of the Apostolic Penitentiary, 1410–1503. Edited by Peter D. Clarke and Patrick N. R. Zutshi
R. N. Swanson

Ian A. Olson, Bludie Harlaw: Realities, Myths, Ballads 
David Moses 

Scottish Witches and Witch-Hunters. Palgrave Historical Studies in Witchcraft and Magic. Edited by Julian Goodare 
Elizabeth Ewan 

Alistair Mutch, Religion and National Identity: Governing Scottish 
Emma Macleod

Anthony Cooke, A History of Drinking: The Scottish Pub since 1700 
Ian Donnachie

Alana Harris, Faith in the family: A lived religion historof English Catholicism, 1945–82 
Darren Tierney

International Review of Social History
Volume 61 - Issue 01 - April 2016

Simon P Newman. A New World of Labor. The Development of Plantation Slavery in the British Atlantic.
Richard Drayton

Heather Shore. London’s Criminal Underworlds, c.1720–c.1930. A Social and Cultural History
John Welshman

Institute of Historical Research (Reviews in History site)  updated weekly

Jon Wilson, India Conquered: Britain's Raj and the Chaos of Empire.
Round table special
Author's Response 

Edward Stourton, Auntie’s War: The BBC during the Second World War 
Ross Davies 

Kate Retford, The Conversation Piece: Making Modern Art in 18th-Century Britain.
Alexandra MacDonald

Sara Pennell, The Birth of the English Kitchen, 1600-1850 
Rachel Laudan

Irish Studies

Unwilling to make any kind of implied political claim of English hegemony over Ireland (Northern or otherwise), I have elected only to provide links to the major journals rather than TOCs. 

Economic and Social History Society of Ireland 

Irish Studies Review 

The Irish Review

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Please note that reviews, CFPs, news,etc. include only those that explicitly concern historical scholarship on Britain.  So, there are no reviews here of books on Spanish history. Also there are no notices of conferences on the Holocaust [even those being held in the U.K.]  Obviously, non-British history topics will be relevant and of interest to historians of Britain but it falls outside the purview of this website.
Journal titles A - I
Journal of British Cinema and Television 
Volume: 14, Number: 2 (April, 2017)

Barbara Roisman Cooper, Great Britons of Stage and Screen: In Conversation 
Adrian Garvey

Nicole Cloarec, David Haigron and Delphine Letort (eds), Social Class on British and American Screens: Essays on Cinema and Television 
Sue Harper

Melanie Bell, Julie Christie 
Christine Geraghty

Joy I. Payne, Reel Rebels: The London Film-makers’ Co-operative, 1966–1996 
Jo Comino

Sian Barber, Using Film as a Source 
Richard Farmer 

Journal of British Studies
Volume 56 / Issue 1, January 2017

Joanna Bellis, The Hundred Years War in Literature, 1337–1600. 
Denise N. Baker

Martin Brett and David A. Woodman , eds. The Long Twelfth-Century View of the Anglo-Saxon Past. Studies in Early Medieval Britain and Ireland. 
Elaine Treharne

Antony Buxton, Domestic Culture in Early Modern England. Studies in Early Modern Cultural, Political and Social History 24.
Laurie Ellinghausen

Norma Clarke, Brothers of the Quill: Oliver Goldsmith in Grub Street. 
Melissa Bailes

Tarnya Cooper et al., eds., Painting in Britain, 1500–1630: Production, Influences, and Patronage
Sara Trevisan

James Daybell and Andrew Gordon , eds., Cultures of Correspondence in Early Modern Britain. Material Texts
Eve Tavor Bannet

Katherine Eggert,  Disknowledge: Literature, Alchemy, and the End of Humanism in Renaissance England. 
Miranda Wilson

Peter Elmer, Witchcraft, Witch-Hunting, and Politics in Early Modern England
Gary K. Waite

Chris Given-Wilson . Henry IV. The Yale English Monarchs Series. 
Jonathan Good

Richard Huscroft, Tales from the Long Twelfth Century: The Rise and Fall of the Angevin Empire
Stephen Marritt

Mark A. Hutchinson, Calvinism, Reform and the Absolutist State in Elizabethan Ireland. Religious Cultures in the Early Modern World 20. 
Rory Rapple

Heather Kerr, David Lemmings, and Robert Phiddian, eds., Passions, Sympathy and Print Culture: Public Opinion and Emotional Authenticity in Eighteenth-Century Britain.
Jeanne Britton 

Dmitri Levitin, Ancient Wisdom in the Age of the New Science: Histories of Philosophy in England, c. 1640–1700. Ideas in Context 113. 
Ted McCormick 

Danielle McCormack,  The Stuart Restoration and the English in Ireland. Irish Historical Monographs. 
Mark Williams

Femke Molekamp, Women and the Bible in Early Modern England: Religious Reading and Writing
Sharon Arnoult

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Renaud Morieux, The Channel: England, France and the Construction of a Maritime Border in the Eighteenth Century
Sarah Kinkel 

Deirdre Ní Chuanacháin, Utopianism in Eighteenth-Century Ireland
Artur Blaim

Tadhg Ó hAnnracháin and Robert Armstrong, eds., Christianities in the Early Modern Celtic World
D. Densil Morgan

Murray Pittock, Culloden. Great Battles. 
Geoffrey Plank

Lois G. Schwoerer, Gun Culture in Early Modern England
Nate Probasco

Cathryn Spence, Women, Credit, and Debt in Early Modern Scotland. Gender in History. 
Jane Whittle 

W. R. Streitberger, The Masters of the Revels and Elizabeth I's Court Theatre
Catherine Loomis

Frances Timbers, The Magical Adventures of Mary Parish: The Occult World of Seventeenth-Century London. Early Modern Studies 16.
Malcolm Gaskill 

Paul Webster,  King John andReligion. Studies in the History of Medieval Religion.
Janet Burton 

C. M. Woolgar, The Culture of Food in England, 1200–1500. 
Joel T. Rosenthal 

Kieran Allen, 1916 : Ireland's Revolutionary Tradition
Mark McCarthy

Sarah Amato, Beastly Possessions: Animals in Victorian Consumer Culture
Barbara K. Seeber 

Colin Barr and Hilary M. Carey , eds., Religion and Greater Ireland: Christianity and Irish Global Networks, 1750–1950
Michael P. Carroll

Richard Bourke and Ian McBride, eds., The Princeton History of Modern Ireland
Vernon Bogdanor 

Peter J. Capuano,  Changing Hands: Industry, Evolution, and the Reconfiguration of the Victorian Body. 
Susan Zlotnick

Gilly Carr, Paul Sanders, and Louise Willmot, Protest, Defiance, and Resistance in the Channel Islands: German Occupation, 1940–1945
Daniel Travers 

Stephen Casper,  The Neurologists: A History of a Medical Specialty in Modern Britain, c. 1789–2000
Anne Stiles 

David Cesarani,  Disraeli: The Novel Politician. Yale Jewish Lives. 
Frederick M. Schweitzer 

Gowan Dawson, Show Me the Bone: Reconstructing Prehistoric Monsters in Nineteenth-Century Britain and America
Michael D. Barton 

Thomas Dixon, Weeping Britannia: Portrait of a Nation in Tears
Gary Kuchar 

Neil Faulkner, Lawrence of Arabia's War: The Arabs, the British, and the Remaking of the Middle East in WWI. 
Stephen E. Tabachnick

Eric Gidal, Ossianic Unconformities: Bardic Poetry in the Industrial Age. Under the Sign of Nature. 
Janet Sorensen

Robert T. Harrison, Britain in the Middle East, 1619–1971
Zach Levey

Allan Hepburn, ed., Around 1945: Literature, Citizenship, Rights
Bridget Chalk

Geoff Horn, Crossing the Floor: Reg Prentice and the Crisis of British Social Democracy.
Dean Blackburn 

Philip Howell, At Home and Astray. The Domestic Dog in Victorian Britain.
Pauline Macadré 

James Kirb,  Historians and the Church of England: Religion and Historical Scholarship, 1870–1920. Oxford Historical Monographs. 
Michael Bentley

Murray Stewart Leith and Duncan Sim eds., The Modern Scottish Diaspora: Contemporary Debates and Perspectives.
Richard J. Finlay 

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Michael Meranze and Saree Makdisi, eds., Imagining the British Atlantic after the American Revolution. UCLA Clark Memorial Library Series 23. 
Brendan Gillis

John Mullen, The Show Must Go On! Popular Song in Britain during the First World War. Ashgate Popular and Folk Music Series. 
Kate Guthrie

Jane Platt, Subscribing to Faith? The Anglican Parish Magazine, 1859–1929. Histories of the Sacred and Secular, 1700–2000. 
Margaret Beetham

Thomas A. Prendergast, Poetical Dust: Poets’ Corner and the Making of Britain. Haney Foundation Series. 
Samantha Matthews 

James Quinn, Young Ireland and The Writing of Irish History.
John Morrow

Jeff Rosen, Julia Margaret Cameron's ‘Fancy Subjects’: Photographic Allegories of Victorian Identity and Empire
Jennifer Green-Lewis 

Caroline Shaw, Britannia's Embrace: Modern Humanitarianism and the Imperial Origins of Refugee Relief
Jordanna Bailkin

Marc W. Steinberg, England's Great Transformation: Law, Labor, and the Industrial Revolution
Joyce Burnette 

Barbara Tomlinson, Commemorating the Seafarer: Monuments, Memorials and Memory.
Jennifer L. Speelman  

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The Journal of Ecclesiastical History
Volume 69 / Issue 1, January 2018

Richard Sowerby, Angels in early medieval England. 
Marie Lovatt

S. T. Ambler, Bishops in the political community of England, 1213–1272. 
J. R. Maddicott

Stella Panayotova, Colour. The art and science of illuminated manuscripts. (Catalogue to the exhibition ‘Colour’ at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, 30 July–30 December 2016.) 
Lynda Dennison

R. M. Thomson, A descriptive catalogue of the medieval manuscripts in the library of Peterhouse, Cambridge. 
Julian Luxford

Bryan Stone, Basel and the Church in England. 600 years of theological, cultural and political connections. 
Keith Clements 

Gavin Schwartz-Leeper, From princes to pages. The literary lives of Cardinal Wolsey, Tudor England's ‘other king’.  
G. W. Bernard 

Grave matters. Death and dying in Dublin, 1500 to the present. Edited by Lisa Marie Griffith and P. Ciarán Wallace. 
Rose Luminiello

Thomas O'Connor, Irish voices from the Spanish Inquisition. Migrants, converts and brokers in early modern Iberia.
Salvador Ryan

Anne James, Poets, players, and preachers. Remembering the Gunpowder Plot in seventeenth-century England.
James Sharpe

Rookwood family papers, 1606–1761. Edited by Francis Young.
Lucy Underwood 

God and nature in the thought of Margaret Cavendish. Edited by Brandie R. Siegfried and Lisa T. Sarasohn. 
Kathryn Morris

The correspondence of James Ussher, 1600–1656, I: 1600–1627. Letters no. 1–232; II: 1627–1640. Letters no. 233–474; III: 1640–1656. Letters no. 475–680. Edited by Elizabethanne Boran, Latin and Greek translation by David Money.
Kenneth Fincham

Laura A. M. Stewart, Rethinking the Scottish revolution. Convenanted Scotland, 1637–1651. 
Crawford Gribben 

Danielle McCormack, The Stuart restoration and the English in Ireland. 
Tadhg Ó hAnnracháin 

Patrick Adair and Andrew Stewart,  Presby-terian history in Ireland. Two seventeenth-century narratives. (ed. Robert Armstrong, Andrew R. Holmes, R. Scott Spurlock and Patrick Walsh).
C. D. C. Armstrong 

Kenneth Milne and Paddy McNally, The Boulter letters
S. J. Connolly 

Thomas Ahnert, The moral culture of the Scottish Enlightenment, 1690–1805
John Coffey 

Slavery hinterland. Transatlantic slavery and continental Europe, 1680–1850. Edited by Felix Brahm and Eve Rosenhaft. 
Joseph G. Kelly

Quakers and their allies in the abolitionist cause, 1754–1808. Edited by Maurice Jackson and Susan Kozel. 
Peter Stamatov

Michael Briody, The Scots College, Spain, 1767–1780. Memoirs of the translation of the Scottish College from Madrid to Valladolid.
Cormac Begadon 

Joseph Stubenrauch, The Evangelical age of ingenuity in industrial Britain.
D. W. Bebbington

Ourselves alone? Religion, society and politics in eighteenth and nineteenth-century Ireland. Essays presented to S. J. Connolly. Edited by D. W. Hayton and Andrew R. Holmes. 
Oliver Rafferty

Serenhedd James, George Errington and Roman Catholic identity in nineteenth-century England
Jonathan Bush 

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The Journal of Economic History
Volume 77 / Issue 3, August 2017

Peter Razzell, Mortality, Marriage and Population Growth in England, 1550–1850.  
Neil Cummins

The Later Medieval Inquisitions Post Mortem: Mapping the Medieval Countryside and Rural Society. Edited by Michael Hicks
Stephen H. Rigby

Trevor Burnard and John Garrigus,  The Plantation Machine: Atlantic Capitalism in French Saint-Domingue and British Jamaica.
Craig Palsson

Journal of Scottish Historical Studies
Volume 37, Issue 2, November, 2017

Johnny Rodger, The Hero Building: An Architecture of Scottish National Identity
Kevin Guyan

Louise Settle, Sex For Sale in Scotland: Prostitution in Edinburgh and Glasgow, 1900–1939
Nina Attwood

A.D. Morrison-Low, Photography: A Victorian Sensation
Sara Stevenson and A.D. Morrison-Low, Scottish Photography: The First Thirty Years
Norman H. Reid

David Taylor, The Wild Black Region: Badenoch 1750–1800
Micky Gibbard

Janay Nugent and Elizabeth Ewan (eds), Children and Youth in Premodern Scotland
Steven J. Taylor

Jeffrey Meek, Queer Voices in Post-War Scotland: Male Homosexuality, Religion and Society
Alison Chand, Masculinities on Clydeside: Men in Reserved Occupations during the Second World War
Helen Smith

John R. Barrett, The Making of a Scottish Landscape: Moray's regular revolution, 1760–1840
Annie Tindley

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Journal of Social History
Volume 51 Issue 2, Winter 2017

Robert S. DuPlessis, The Material Atlantic: Clothing, Commerce, and Colonization in the Atlantic World, 1650–1800. 
Joan Bristol

Albion M. Urdank, Birth, Death and Religious Faith in an English Dissenting Community: A Microhistory of Nailsworth and Hinterland, 1695–1837. 
Andrew Hinde
Author’s response 
Albion M Urdank

Graham Mooney, Intrusive Interventions: Public Health, Domestic Space, and Infectious Disease Surveillance in England, 1840–1914.  
Michael Brown

In Next Issue

Martin Ingram, Carnal Knowledge: Regulating Sex in England, 1470-1600
Shannon McSheffrey

Matt Houlbrook, Prince of Tricksters: The Incredible True Story of Netley Lucas, Gentleman Crook. 
Heidi Egginton

Sasha Handley, Sleep in Early Modern England. 
Tessa Storey

Christine Grandy, Heroes and Happy Endings: Class, Gender, and Nation in Popular Film and Fiction in Interwar Britain. 
Robert James

Brian Hughes, Defying the IRA? Intimidation, Coercion, and Communities during the Irish Revolution. 
Marie Coleman

Journal of the History of Economic Thought
Volume 39 - Issue 4 - December 2017

Heinz D. Kurz and Neri Salvadori, eds., The Elgar Companion to David Ricardo
Shin Kubo

Claude Ménard and Élodie Bertrand, eds., The Elgar Companion to Ronald H. Coase 
Alain Marciano 

Nahid Aslanbeigui and Guy Oakes, Arthur Cecil Pigou, Great Thinkers of Economics Series 
Rogério Arthmar


Cecil E. Bohanon and Michelle Albert Vachris, Pride and Profit: The Intersection of Jane Austen and Adam Smith 
Heather King

Samuel Bostaph, Andrew Carnegie: An Economic Biography 
David Gindis 

James A. Harris, Hume: An Intellectual Biography
Ryu Susato

Michel De Vroey, A History of Macroeconomics: From Keynes to Lucas and Beyond 
Roger E. Backhouse  

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Journal Titles:
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Law and History Review
​Volume 35 - Issue 4 - November 2017

no relevant reviews in this issue

Northern Scotland 
Volume: 6, Number: 1 (May 2015)

Alasdair Ross, The Kings of Alba, c.1000–c.1130
Neil McGuigan

Peter Anderson, The Stewart Earls of Orkney
Ian Peter Grohse

David Worthington, British and Irish Experiences and Impressions of Central Europe, c.1560–1688. 
Martyna Mirecka

Barry Robertson, Lordship and Power in the North of Scotland: the Noble House of Huntly 1603–1690
Alexander D. Campbell

Allan Kennedy, Governing Gaeldom: The Scottish Highlands and the Restoration State, 1660–1688. 
David Worthington

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Karen J. Cullen, Famine in Scotland. The ‘Ill Years’ of the 1690s
Richard W. Hoyle

Anne Macleod, From An Antique Land. Visual Representations of the Highlands and Islands 1700–1880. 
Alastair J. Durie

Aaron Hoffman,The Temperance Movement in Aberdeen, Scotland, 1830–1845: ‘Distilled Death and Liquid Damnation’. 
David Beckingham

John H. McKay, Scotland's First Oil Boom. The Scottish Shale-Oil Industry, 1851–1914. 
Robin Mackie

A Swedish Field Trip to the Outer Hebrides: In Memory of Sven T. Kjellberg and Olof Hasslöf. 
Compiled and edited by Alexander Fenton with Mark A. Mulhern. 
Andrew G. Newby

Iain J. M. Robertson, Landscapes of Protest in the Scottish Highlands after 1914: The Later Highland Land Wars
James Hunter

Simon J. Potter, Broadcasting Empire. The BBC and the British World, 1922–1970. 
Marjory Harper

John A. Burnett, The Making of the Modern Scottish Highlands 1939–1965: Withstanding the ‘Colossus of Advancing Materialism’. 
Dr Catriona Mackie

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Rural History
Volume 27 - Issue 01 - April 2016

Mark Bailey, The Decline of Serfdom in Late Medieval England: From Bondage to Freedom
Phillipp R. Schofield

Nigel Everett, The Woods of Ireland: A History, 700–1800
Charles Watkins

Jane Platt, ed., The Diocese of Carlisle, 1814–1855: Chancellor Walter Fletcher's ‘Diocesan Book’, with additional material from Bishop Percy's parish notebooks
Sarah Rose

K. Price, Medical Negligence in Victorian Britain: The Crisis of Care under the English Poor Law, c. 1834–1900.
Samantha A. Shave

Brian Short, The Battle of the Fields: Rural Community and Authority in Britain during the Second World War. 
John Martin

​Scottish Historical Review
Volume 96, Number: 1 (April, 2017) 

Ross, Land Assessment and Lordship in Medieval
Northern Scotland 
Alex Woolf

Turpie, Kind Neighbours: Scottish Saints and Society in the Later Middle Ages
Andrea Ruddick

Martin, The Maitland Quarto: A New Edition of Cambridge, Magdalene 
J. Derrick McClure 

Mason and Reid (eds), Andrew Melville (1545–1642): Writings, Reception, and Reputation 
Jane Stevenson

MacCoinnich, Plantation and Civility in the North Atlantic World: The Case of the Northern Hebrides, 1570–1639 
Thomas Brochard 

Spence, Women, Credit, and Debt in Early Modern Scotland 
Rebecca Mason

Wilks, Of Neighing Coursers and of Trumpets Shrill: A Life of Richard, 1st Lord Dingwall and Earl of Desmond (c. 1570–1628) 
Blake I. Campbell

Powell, The Crisis of British Protestantism. Church Power in the Puritan Revolution, 1638–44 
Scott Spurlock

Stewart, Rethinking the Scottish Revolution: Covenanted Scotland, 1637–1651 
Micheál Ó Siochrú

Whitley, A Great Grievance: Ecclesiastical Lay Patronage in Scotland until 1750 
Chris R. Langley

Finlay, Legal Practice in Eighteenth-Century Scotland 
J.D. Ford

Carr, Gender and Enlightenment Culture in Eighteenth-Century Scotland and Plassart, The Scottish Enlightenment and the French Revolution 
Robin Mills 

Grace, Opium and Empire: The Lives and Careers of William Jardine and James Matheson 
Isabella Jackson 

Cooke, Stanley: From Arkwright Village to Commuter Suburb, 1784–2015 
Sally Tuckett

Devine, Independence or Union: Scotland's Past and Scotland's Present 
Kevin Guyan 

Social History of Medicine
Volume 31 Issue 1 February 2018

Stephen Brogan, The Royal Touch in Early Modern England: Politics, Medicine, and Sin
Viktoria von Hoffmann

Joel Peter Eigen, Mad-Doctors in the Dock. Defending the Diagnosis, 1760–1913 
Jade Shepherd

Michael Zeheter, Epidemics, Empire and Environments: Cholera in Madras and Quebec City, 1818–1910
David McLean

Ornella Moscucci, Gender and Cancer in England, 1860–1948 
Agnes Arnold-Forster

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