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Obituary: Remembering Alun Howkins, 1947–2018 here.

New Books in British Studies is currently seeking hosts interested in conducting interviews with authors of new books on Britain and its empire. Hosting the channel is a good way to bring the work of scholars of Britain and its empire to the attention of large audiences. Interested parties should write Marshall Poe.

Bentham’s Political Economy: ‘Happiness—enjoyment—not money, is or ought to be the ultimate object of the legislator’s care’.

A conference exploring the seminal economic thought of philosopher and reformer Jeremy Bentham, to be held at UCL on 16 –17 December 2019

The philosopher and reformer Jeremy Bentham (1748–1832) is celebrated as both the founder of classical utilitarianism and a profound theorist of law. Despite his seminal treatment of rationality as cost–benefit analysis, and his recognition of the phenomenon of diminishing marginal utility however, he is often either overlooked altogether in histories of economic thought, or relegated to the status of a footnote. The Bentham Project and UCL Faculty of Laws are therefore delighted to be hosting a conference, to be held on 16–17 December 2019, on Bentham’s Political Economy.

draft programme for the conference can be found below, or downloaded in PDF format. Please visit the conference Eventbrite page for more details and to register.

​Call for Articles - Antisemitism in Britain and Ireland
Antisemitism Studies welcomes the submission of manuscripts that contribute to the scholarly study of antisemitism. To see our upcoming second issue, click here.
We will consider articles on specific antisemitic episodes and their historical significance and impact on society, as well as more thematic and theoretical studies of the phenomenon. Authors may work from any disciplinary perspective, address any cultural, national, or religious context, and study any period of history, including the present. At this time, we are particularly interested in articles that address antisemitism in Britain and in Ireland.

Antisemitism Studies adheres to a double–blind peer review process in which the identities of the author and reviewers remain confidential. Please note that the formal evaluation process on all submissions takes anywhere between one and three months, and the period between acceptance of an article and its publication is between six months and one year. 
Please visit our website for further information.
Any questions about the journal or its submissions process may be directed to the editor.

On this day in history

On Google Books, there are 105,000,000 British History secondary sources and some primary ones.

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Events, prizes and fellowships

Below is a list of upcoming events, prizes, fellowships and conferences [CFPs are below] on British studies or seem particularly relevant/open tospecialists of Britain. Please note that some have deadlines coming up soon. If you have you have any suggested additions, please email them to me.

Re-Imagining Cleopatra/Postcolonial Shakespeare Seminar
​The UCL Centre for Early Modern Exchanges is delighted to welcome Professor Jyotsna G. Singh (Michigan State) and Dr Yasmin Arshad (UCL) for a seminar on 5-7pm on FRIDAY 6th DECEMBER at the IAS Forum, G17, South Wing, Wilkins Building (maps and directions here).

Both speakers have new books published by Arden Shakespeare: Professor Singh's Shakespeare and Postcolonial Theory, and Dr Arshad's Imagining Cleopatra: Performing Gender and Power in Early Modern England. They will speak on the following topics:

·Yasmin Arshad: ‘Re-imagining Cleopatra: Poetry, Portraiture and Power’  
Jyotsna G. Singh: ‘Re-thinking Shakespeare from a Postcolonial Perspective: Antony and Cleopatra and Macbeth’.

For further information click here. No need to book; all welcome!

Lines on a Map: Crafting and Contesting Borders in the Early Modern Atlantic and Beyond
Fri, 13 Dec 2019, 08:30 - Sat, 14 Dec 2019 17:00
The British Library Conference Centre, 96 Euston Rd, London
This conference asks participants to analyse their own assumptions about and models of early modern historical spaces by engaging with and interrogating how actors themselves described, drew, and defined geographic spaces—whether discrete urban vistas, vast colonial projects, regional chorographies, interiors unmapped (by Europeans), or ever-changing maritime and riverine waters.  Register

Britain and the World 
Volume: 12, Number: 1 (March, 2019)

Andrew C. Rath, The Crimean War in Imperial Context, 1854–1856 
David Brown

David Cannadine, Victorious Century: The United Kingdom 1800–1906 
Oliver Hadingham

G. A. Bremner (ed.), Architecture and Urbanism in the British Empire (Oxford History of the British Empire Companion Series) 
Stephen G. Hague

Laura A. M. Stewart, Rethinking the Scottish Revolution: Covenanted Scotland, 1637-1651 
Robert Landrum  

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British Catholic History
Volume 32 - Issue 03 - May 2015

Review Article
Church and State: The Manning-Gladstone correspondence, 1833–1891
V. Alan McClelland

Joshua Rodda, Public Religious Disputation in England, 1558-1626
Kathryn Wolford

Silvia Mostaccio, Early Modern Jesuits between Obedience and Conscience during the Generalate of Claudio Acquaviva (1581–1615)
James E. Kelly

Arthur F. Marotti and Chanita Goodblatt, eds., Religious Diversity and Early Modern English Texts, Catholic, Judaic, Feminist and Secular Dimensions
Peter Davidson

Martyrdom and Terrorism. Pre-Modern to Contemporary Perspectives, ed. Dominic Janes and Alex Houen, 
Thomas M. McCoog

Mark Chapman, The Fantasy of Reunion. Anglicans, Catholics, and Ecumenism, 1833-1882

Jonathan Bush, ‘Papists’ and Prejudice: Popular Anti-Catholicism and Anglo-Irish Conflict in the North-East of England, 1845-70

Ciaran O’Neill, Catholics of Consequence: Transnational Education, Social Mobility and the Irish Catholic Elite 1850-1900
Moira Martin

T. A. Birrell, Aspects of Book Culture in Early Modern England, Variorum Collected Studies Series
Alison Shell

The British Journal for the History of Science
Volume 52 / Issue 1, March 2019

Carin Berkowitz and Bernard Lightman (eds.), Science Museums in Transition: Cultures of Display in Nineteenth-Century Britain and America. 
Peter Reed

Charles Morris Lansley, Charles Darwin's Debt to the Romantics: How Alexander von Humboldt, Goethe and Wordsworth Helped Shape Darwin's View of Nature. 
Bárbara Jiménez

Gayle Greene, The Woman Who Knew Too Much: Alice Stewart and the Secrets of Radiation.
Maria Rentetzi

CERCLES Reviews (Oct. 2019)

Christopher Lee, Carrington : An Honorable Man
Charles Giovanni Vanzan 

Kirsten Carter McKee, Calton Hill and the Plans for Edinburgh’s Third New Town 
Clarisse Godard Desmarest

Jan-Werner Müller (ed.), Isaiah Berlin’s Cold War Liberalism  
Alexis Butin

Anthony Page & Wilfrid Prest (eds.), Blackstone and his Critics 
Claire Wrobel

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Church History: Studies in Christianity and Culture
Volume 87 / Issue 3, September 2018

Juliana Dresvina, A Maid with a Dragon: The Cult of St. Margaret of Antioch in Medieval England. 
Cynthia Turner Camp

Ruth Nisse, Jacob's Shipwreck: Diaspora, Translation, and Jewish-Christian Relations in Medieval England.  
Christina Welch

Alexander Russell, Conciliarism and Heresy in Fifteenth-Century England: Collective Authority in the Age of General Councils. 
Karen A. Winstead

Nick Holder with Ian Betts, Jens Röhrkasten, Mark Samuel, and Christian Steer, The Friaries of Medieval London: From Foundation to Dissolution. 
F. Donald Logan ​

Diarmaid MacCulloch, All Things Made New: The Reformation and its Legacy. 
Esther Chung-Kim

Stella Fletcher, The Popes and Britain: A History of Rule, Rupture and Reconciliation. 
Jonathan Reimer

Richard Hooker and Reformed Orthodoxy. Edited by W. Bradford Littlejohn and Scott N. Kindred-Barnes. 
Gerald Bray

Darren M. Pollock, Early Stuart Polemical Hermeneutics: Andrew Willet's 1611 Hexapla on Romans. 
J. V. Fesko

Alexander D. Campbell,  The Life and Works of Robert Baillie (1602–1662) Politics, Religion and Record-Keeping in the British Civil Wars. 
Elliot Vernon

Martyn Calvin Cowan, John Owen and the Civil War Apocalypse: Preaching, Prophecy and Politics. 
Kelly M. Kapic

Kevin Killeen, The Political Bible in Early Modern England
Brent S. Sirota

Charity and Social Welfare: The Dynamics of Religious Reform in Northern Europe, 1780–1920. Edited by Leen Van Molle. 
Rebekah O. McMillan

C. Michael Shea, Newman's Early Roman Catholic Legacy 1845–1854. 
John R. Connolly

April E. Holm, A Kingdom Divided: Evangelicals, Loyalty, and Sectionalism in the Civil War Era. 
Sean A. Scott

Comparative Studies in Society and History
Volume: 16, Number: 1 (February, 2019) 

David S. Katz, The Shaping of Turkey in the British Imagination,1776–1923 
Peter Cherry

David Gillott, Samuel Butler against the Professionals: Rethinking Lamarckism, 1860–1900 
Niall Sreenan

Continuity and Change
Volume 33 / Issue 3, December 2018

Martin Ingram, Carnal knowledge: regulating sex in England, 1470–1600 
Paul Griffiths

Cultural History 
Volume: 8, Number: 1 (April, 2019)

Heather Graham and Lauren G. Kilroy-Ewbank (eds), Visualizing Sensuous Suffering and Affective Pain in Early Modern Europe and the Spanish Americas 
Michel van Duijnen

Bonnie Lander Johnson and Eleanor Decamp (eds), Blood Matters: Studies in European Literature and Thought, 1400–1700 
Stephen Curtis  

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Diplomatic History
Volume 43 Issue 2, April 2019

The Trauma of Racial Annihilation in the Atlantic World 
David C Atkinson

Early Music
Volume 47 Issue 3, August 2019

​Music ‘for the honour of old England’: Purcell’s theatre works on record 
Alexander Robinson


Purcell’s keyboard contemporaries 
Alan Brown

English Historical Review
Volume 134, Issue 569, August 2019

Helen Oxenham, Perceptions of Femininity in Early Irish Society
Niamh Wycherley

Space and Settlement in Medieval Ireland, ed. Vicky McAlister and Terry Barry

Soldiers of Christ: The Knights Hospitaller and the Knights Templar in Medieval Ireland, ed. Martin Browne OSB and Colmán Ó Clabaigh OSB 
Sparky Booker

Douglas E. Delaney, The Imperial Army Project: Britain and the Land Forces of the Dominions and India, 1902–1945
Matthew Hughes
Andrew W M Smith

The Power of Laughter and Satire in Early Modern Britain: Political and Religious Culture, 1500–1820, ed. Mark Knights and Adam Morton
Freyja Cox Jensen 

Leonie James, 'This Great Firebrand’: William Laud and Scotland, 1617–1645
Chris R Langley

Barbour’s Bruce and its Cultural Contexts: Politics, Chivalry and Literature in Late Medieval Scotland, ed. Steve Boardman and Susan Foran 

Marco Barducci, Hugo Grotius and the Century of Revolution, 1613–1718: Transnational Reception in English Political Thought.
Sarah Mortimer

Angela Nicholls, Almshouses in Early Modern England:Charitable Housing in the Mixed Economy of Welfare, 1550–1725
Ian W Archer

Noah Dauber, State and Commonwealth: The Theory of the State in Early Modern England, 1549–1640
Andy Wood

Julian Walker, Words and the First World War
Carol Acton

Catherine Sanok, New Legends of England: Forms of Community in Late Medieval Saints’ Lives
Margaret Coombe

S.T. Ambler, Bishops in the Political Community of England, 1213–1272
K Sykes

The Fighting Essex Soldier: Recruitment, War and Society in the Fourteenth Century, ed. Christopher Thornton, Jennifer Ward and Neil Wiffin 
Anne Curry

The Captivity of John II, 1356–60: The Royal Image in Later Medieval England and France, by Neil Murphy Nicholas A Gribit


Hugh Gault, Kingsley Wood: Scenes from a Political Life 1925–1943
Martin Farr

Turin and the British in the Age of the Grand Tour, ed. Paola Bianchi and Karin Wolfe 
Sophie Dunn

Carla Gardina Pestana, The English Conquest of Jamaica: Oliver Cromwell’s Bid for Empire
Jon Fitzgibbons

Keith Busby, French in Medieval Ireland, Ireland in Medieval French: The Paradox of Two Worlds
Daron Burrows

Antoinette Burton, The Trouble with Empire: Challenges to Modern British Imperialism
Sascha Auerbach

Katherine Cross, Heirs of the Vikings: History and Identity in Normandy and England, c.950–c.1015 
Emily A Winkler

David Churchill, Crime Control and Everyday Life in the Victorian City: The Police and the Public
Heather Shore

Ralph Houlbrooke, Love and Dishonour in Elizabethan England: Two Families and a Failed Marriage
Hannah Newton

Blackstone and his Critics, ed. Anthony Page and Wilfrid Prest 
Ian Williams

Eoin Kinsella, Catholic Survival in Protestant Ireland, 1660–1711: Colonel John Browne, Landownership and the Articles of Limerick
Tc Barnard

Luis Gorrochategui Santos, tr. Peter J. Gold, The English Armada: The Greatest Naval Disaster in English History
Benjamin W D Redding

Law and Society in Later Medieval England and Ireland: Essays in Honour of Paul Brand, ed. Travis R. Baker John Hudson

Kenneth D. Brown, The Unknown Gladstone: The Life of Herbert Gladstone 1854–1903
Kenneth O. Morgan

Michelle Faubert, Granville Sharp’s Uncovered Letter and the Zong Massacre

Trevor Burnarara Hamling and Catherine Richardson, A Day at Home in Early Modern England: Material Culture and Domestic Life, 1500–1700
Susan D Amussen

Jonathan Fitzgibbons, Cromwell's House of Lords: Politics, Parliaments and Constitutional Revolution, 1642–1660
Stephen K Roberts

Andrew Kellett, The British Blues Network: Adoption, Emulation, and Creativity
John Street

Peter C. Mancall, Nature and Culture in the Early Modern Atlantic
Jpd Cooper

Owen S. Ireland, Sentiments of a British-American Woman: Esther DeBerdt Reed and the American Revolution 
Lindsay M Keiter

Ciaran Arthur, 'Charms’, Liturgies, and Secret Rites in Early Medieval England
Margaret Coombe

The Historical Journal
Volume 61 / Issue 2, June 2018




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History Workshop Journal
Vol. 81, No. 1, Spring 2016

Allison P. Hobgood, Passionate Playgoing in Early Modern England
Will Tosh

Carolyn Steedman, An Everyday Life of the English Working Class: Work, Self and Sociability in the early Nineteenth Century
Selina Todd

Alban Webb, London Calling: Britain, the BBC World Service and the Cold WarDiasporas and Diplomacy: Cosmopolitan Contact Zones at the BBC World Service (1932–2012), ed. Marie Gillespie and Alban Webb, Simon J. Potter, Broadcasting Empire: the BBC and the British World, 1922–1970
Andrew Whitehead

Advance Access Alert

Philip Howell, At Home and Astray: The Domestic Dog in Victorian Britain
John Beusterien

Rachel Weil, A Plague of Informers: Conspiracy and Political Trust in William III’s England
Mark Knights

Vivienne Richmond, Clothing the Poor in Nineteenth-Century England
Sean Brady

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Innes Review 
Volume: 69, Number: 2 (November, 2018)

Making Christian Landscapes in Atlantic Europe: