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A musical fantasy about the uncensored human story of Elton John's breakthrough years.
Director: Dexter Fletcher
Writer: Lee Hall (screenplay)
Stars: Taron Egerton, Richard Madden, Bryce Dallas Howard

Tolkien explores the formative years of the orphaned author as he finds friendship, love and artistic inspiration among a group of fellow outcasts at school.
Director: Dome Karukoski
Writers: David Gleeson, Stephen Beresford
Stars: Lily Collins, Patrick Gibson, Nicholas Hoult

Red Joan
The story of Joan Stanley, who was exposed as the KGB's longest-serving British spy.
Director: Trevor Nunn
Writer: Lindsay Shapero
Stars: Judi Dench, Sophie Cookson, Stephen Campbell Moore 

The Aftermath
Certificate R Drama | Romance | War
Post World War II, a British colonel and his wife are assigned to live in Hamburg during the post-war reconstruction, but tensions arise with the German who previously owned the house.
Director: James Kent
Stars: Keira Knightley, Alexander Skarsgård, Jason Clarke, Kate Phillips

All Is True  
A look at the final days in the life of renowned playwright William Shakespeare.
Director: Kenneth Branagh
Writer: Ben Elton
Stars: Kenneth Branagh, Judi Dench, Lolita Chakrabarti, Jack Colgrave Hirst 

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Coming Soon

Blinded by the Light (14 August 2019 - USA)
In 1987 during the austere days of Thatcher's Britain, a teenager learns to live life, understand his family and find his own voice through the music of Bruce Springsteen.
Director: Gurinder Chadha
Writers: Paul Mayeda Berges, Gurinder Chadha 
Stars: Viveik Kalra, Kulvinder Ghir, Meera Ganatra

Downton Abbey (Sept. 2020)
Plot unknown. Movie based on the popular British television show, Downton Abbey (2010).
Director: Michael Engler
Writer: Julian Fellowes (characters)
Stars: Maggie Smith, Michelle Dockery, Elizabeth McGovern

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In development

The Dig
Cate Blanchett is in talks to play the grieving widow who oversaw one of Britain's greatest archaeological finds in the Susanne Bier period drama The Dig, reports Screen.

Blanchett looks set to play amateur archaeologist Edith Pretty, a driving force behind the 1938-9 excavation of Sutton Hoo burial grounds near Woodbridge, Suffolk. The grounds were unearthed on the Sutton Hoo House estate which Pretty owned along with her husband Frank, who had died four years earlier, after she hired archaeologist Basil Brown to begin an excavation.

Brown made some promising early finds in 1938. But it was when he returned in the summer of 1939 for a further dig that the real treasure was discovered. A 27-metre seventh-century Saxon ship, most likely the last resting-place of King Rædwald of East Anglia, was among the new finds. Pretty donated the entire discovery to the British Museum, and the House and burial site are now in the care of the National Trust.

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Coming Soon

13 Reasons Why: The Death of Amy Winehouse - C5 (19 July 10:00pm)
An extraordinary musician with an unforgettable voice, Amy Winehouse's meteoric rise saw her blossom into a truly global star who changed the landscape of modern pop culture. However, the world also witnessed her drug and alcohol addiction, dramatic weight loss and involvement in a destructive relationship. These factors led to her premature death in July 2011, aged 27. This film features contributions from some of those who knew Amy well and those who tried to help her, telling the story of a towering but troubled talent, through the chain of key moments that led ultimately towards tragedy.

Endeavour - ITV (19 July 8:30pm)
The discovery of a 2,000-year-old body provides fresh evidence in a five-year-old unsolved missing persons case, so Morse and Thursday take up the investigation, discovering a possible link to a local pagan ritual to celebrate the harvest. The investigation leads them to a nuclear power station, where they face a conspiracy of silence concerning an experimental new reactor and a potential disaster that could devastate Oxford. Guest starring Sheila Hancock, widow of original Inspector Morse star John Thaw.[REPEAT Series 4 - Episode 4 of 4 "Harvest"]

Long Lost Family - ITV (22 July 9:00pm)
 Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell help more people to reunite with long-lost relatives. Martin Smith grew up in Rochdale and had a happy childhood, but struggled with intense feelings of rejection when he discovered he was adopted and only now feels ready to face his fears and find his birth mother. Anne Jordan always knew she was adopted and has been searching for her birth mother for over 30 years, but she will not set a date for her wedding to fiance Chris until she has found her.[Series 9 - Episode 6 of 7]

Mad Cow Disease: The Great British Beef Scandal - BBC 2 Repeat (26 July 12:15am)
The story of one of Britain's biggest-ever food-related crises, the outbreak of BSE - or mad cow disease - and its human form vCJD, which was first identified in 1996 and has been responsible for around 200 deaths since then. BSE first broke out in the 1980s, spreading rapidly across the country through infected meat-and-bone meal being fed to livestock. It eventually entered the human food chain, leading to the culling of more than four million cows and almost destroyed the British beef industry.

Art, Passion & Power: The Story of the Royal Collection - BBC 4 (23 July 10:00pm)
Andrew Graham-Dixon examines the age of the Romantics - the flamboyant George IV who created so much of the visual look of the modern monarchy, and Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, for whom collecting was an integral part of their happy marriage.[Series 1 - Episode 3 of 4 "Palaces and Pleasuredomes"]


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Just Finished
(may still be available to UK residents on "Catch Up"; links available below for a month after broadcast. Programmes soon to become unavailable denoted in red).

The Queen's Palaces
Fiona Bruce explores the stories behind official royal residences, which act as family homes and places to conduct the business of monarchy, and charts the evolution of their architecture. 

The Invention of Boris Johnson 
Millions of words have been used to describe Boris Johnson and his suitability to be the UK's next prime minister, but none are more illuminating than those spoken and written by the man himself. As he competes with Jeremy Hunt to become the leader of the Conservative Party, this documentary sifts through hours of archive interviews and newspaper columns to build a picture of the man and his track record, largely through his own words.

Men of Rock 
Iain Stewart retraces the steps of pioneering scientists who used the landscape of Scotland to make ground-breaking discoveries about Earth.

Jet! When Britain Ruled the Skies 
Aviation in the 1950s and '60s

Charles I: Downfall of a King 
Historian Lisa Hilton discovers how, in just fifty tempestuous days, Charles I’s rule collapsed, laying the foundations for civil war, the loss of royal power and, ultimately, the king’s head.

​I Love 1980s 
Celebrating pop culture from 1980s. 

Sarah Payne: The Untold Story
Susanna Reid speaks to Sara Payne about the abduction and murder of her eight-year-old daughter Sarah in July 2000, a crime that shocked the nation, particularly when it was revealed that the culprit, Roy Whiting, was a convicted paedophile. Sara campaigned to change the law, determined that parents should have access to the sex offender register. Here she reflects on the impact it has had on her family, while Sarah's siblings and grandparents also reveal how they have coped since this most devastating of crimes

Gentleman Jack
Historical drama, starring Suranne Jones 

Tales from the Royal Wardrobe with Lucy Worsley 
The historian and curator looks at the fashion styles of former kings and queens, contemplating whether their wardrobes were intended to be a personal statement to the people. From Elizabeth I to the present queen, she looks at how most monarchs have carefully choreographed their clothes - and the disastrous consequences for those who did not.

Thatcher: A Very British Revolution
The rise and fall of former prime minister Margaret Thatcher

Timewatch: Double Agent: The Eddie Chapman Story 
Ben Macintyre revisits the story of wartime double agent Eddie Chapman, the subject matter of his best-selling book Agent Zigzag. He reveals how, during the Second World War, Chapman was able to dupe Nazi Germany so successfully that he was awarded the Iron Cross, the country's most prestigious decoration. Includes footage from an interview the former spy gave three years before his death in 1997.

Britain's Nuclear Bomb: The Inside Story
In 1957, Britain exploded its first megaton hydrogen bomb, code-named Operation Grapple X. This documentary looks at how Britain became a nuclear superpower, featuring footage of atomic bomb tests, and interviews with veterans and scientists who took part in the extraordinary atomic bomb programme.

Castle Commando 
Rory Bremner narrates a documentary recalling how Achnacarry Estate, near Fort William, was transformed into one of the toughest Second World War training camps, designed to produce commandos for amphibious raiding missions. Veterans recall the perils of learning the skills of warfare in the Highlands, and Major James Dunning reveals how the knowledge of local experts helped prepare his men for combat.

Operation Mincemeat 
In a documentary based on his book of the same name, Ben Macintyre presents the story of how Britain deceived Hitler into thinking the Allies were planning to invade Greece in 1943, allowing them to land in Sicily - their real target - with minimal resistance. The brainchild of James Bond author Ian Fleming, the deception is thought to have saved thousands of lives.

Summer of Rockets 
Drama series set in the UK during the Cold War period. The series follows Samuel Petrukhin, a Russian-Jewish inventor and designer of bespoke hearing aids, and his family, as he is approached by MI5 to demonstrate his work and is tasked with a secret mission. During the tumultuous summer of 1958, Samuel prepares to launch his new invention - which is attracting some suspicious followers. Starring Toby Stephens, Keeley Hawes and Linus Roache.

The Thames: Britain's Great River with Tony Robinson 
The actor and presenter examines the British river

The Unwanted: The Secret Windrush Files 
David Olusoga opens previously unseen government files to argue that the Windrush scandal and the so-called hostile environment for black British immigrants has been 70 years in the making. The film features Sarah O'Connor, Anthony Bryan and Judy Griffith. Settled in the UK legally since childhood, they were re-classified as illegal immigrants by new regulations. Unable to show proof of their nationality status, they lost jobs, savings and their health, facing deportation back to countries they could barely remember.

Britain's Most Historic Towns
Professor Alice Roberts explores the UK's past through the stories of individual towns.

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Announced, but no air date set

Anne - ITV 
Factual drama focusing on Anne Williams; who dedicated her life to discovering the truth about the Hillsborough disaster which claimed the life of her son Kevin who was only fifteen years old at the time. 

The Barking Murders *Working Title* 2019- BBC1 
Factual drama which goes beneath the headlines to shed new light on this story by telling it from the point of view of the families of Stephen Port’s victims, focusing on their fight to uncover the truth about what had happened to their lost sons and brothers. Written by Jeff Pope and Neil McKay. Sheridan Smith, Stephen Merchant and Jaime Winstone are set to star in the lead roles. Further cast includes Rufus Jones, Leanne Best, Stephanie Hyam and Samuel Barnett.

Belgravia 2020 - ITV 
Period drama based on the novel from Downton Abbey writer Jullian Fellows.

The Boys 2019 - Channel 4 
New five-part series from Russell T Davies which focuses on three eighteen-year-olds Ritchie, Roscoe and Colin as they leave home to embark on a new life in London in 1981. The story will look at the AIDS epidemic and will follow the three characters throughout the 1980's to explore their ups and downs. 

Black Narcissus 2019 - BBC1 
Three-part adaptation of Rumer Godden’s iconic tale of sexual repression and forbidden love from Amanda Coe. Returning this haunting love story to its original setting in the 1930s, as the western colonial order is about to explode into the crisis of World War Two, Black Narcissus follows Sister Clodagh and the nuns of St Faiths, who travel to Nepal to set up a branch of their order in the remote palace of Mopu.

Britannia 2019 -  Sky Atlantic 
Second series of the medieval drama starring David Morrissey and Kelly Reilly.

Call the Midwife - 2020 BBC1 
One more series of the incredibly popular nostalgic drama
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The Elephant Man - 2019 BBC1 
Two-part dramatisation of John Merrick's extraordinary story, from birth to death written by Neil McKay and starring Stranger Things' Charlie Heaton in the lead role.

Englistan 2019 - BBC2  
Nine-part drama series created by Riz Ahmed exploring three generations of the same Pakistani-family over four decades as they attempt to settle in England.

​Happy Valley 2019 - BBC1  
Third series of Sally Wainwright's gripping crime drama.

Jerusalem 2019 - Channel 4 
Six-part thriller set in the aftermath of the Second World War that centres around a seismic moment in history, when Britain was struggling to define itself in a new world order. Written and created by Bash Doran (Boardwalk EmpireSmashMasters of Sex).

The North Water - 2020 BBC2 
Four-part thriller from Andrew Haigh focusing on a disgraced ex-army surgeon who, in the 1850s, who signs up as a ship's doctor on a whaling mission in the arctic. Colin Farrell stars as harpooner Henry Drax.
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Peaky Blinders - BBC1 2019 
Fifth series of the drama starring Cillian Murphy as the head of a Birmingham gangster family. This is the first series of the show to be airing on BBC1. Sam Claflin, Anya Taylor-Joy and Brian Gleason join the cast alongside other newcomers Kate Dickie and Emmett J Scanlan.

Sanditon - ITV 
Andrew Davies's adaptation of Jane Austen's uncompleted novel which focuses on the relationship between the unconventional Charlotte Heywood and the slightly wild Sidney Parker in the eponymous seaside town of the title

A Suitable Boy 2019 - BBC1 
Eight part drama from Andrew Davies adapting Vikram Seth’s international bestseller A Suitable Boy. A modern classic about a young woman’s search for love and identity in a newly independent, post-Partition India defining its own future, this beloved novel has never been adapted for the screen before. Now, Andrew Davies’ scripts will bring the story to a whole new audience with his signature blend of warmth, wit and humanity

Taboo 2019  - BBC1 
 A second series of Tom Hardy's atmospheric period drama.

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To Sir With Love - BBC1 
 A one-off adaptation of ER Braithwaite's autobiographical story about a Guyanese RAF engineer who becomes a teacher in a challenging school in the East End of London.

The Trial of Christine Keeler 2019 - BBC1 
Six-part drama series about the sexual and cultural politics of one of the most revealing and iconic stories of modern times. At the centre of the storm was 19-year-old Christine Keeler - a young woman whom the powerful, male-dominated establishment sought to silence and exploit, but who refused to play by their rules.

Unforgotten 2019 -  ITV 
Fourth series of Chris Lang's crime drama starring Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar.

White Gold - BBC2 
Six-part comedy from Inbetweeners writer Damon Beesley set in double-glazing showroom in Essex in 1983, led by charismatic salesman Vincent (Ed Westwick). Smart, handsome and cocksure, Vincent will happily break the rules if it guarantees a sale. It’s a story of dodgy shenanigans, scams and petty rivalries - alongside free-flowing drugs, cash and sex. Inbetweeners stars Joe Thomas and James Buckley star.

World on Fire 2018 - BBC1 
Multi-stranded drama telling the story of World War Two through the lives of ordinary people from all sides of this global conflict. The first series of seven episodes tells the story of the first year of the war, starting with the German invasion of Poland in September 1939 and ending with the Battle of Britain.

Year of the Rabbit 2019 - Channel 4 
Six-part sitcom written by and starring Matt Berry as DI Rabbit; a drunken Victorian-era sleuth who solves crimes alongside his by-the-books partner played by Freddie Fox.

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Please note that few American museums are listed below.  This is only because it is too difficult to keep track of all the exhibits at all of the US museums that might be relevant to this site. Also,  the following list is not  a guide  for those traveling in Britain. It is not  a comprehensive guide to what is on at museums in the UK. Only exhibits which focus on British history are listed below.

Please  note that, unless otherwise indicated, all venues are in London. Exhibits about to end are noted in red. Those not yet opened are designated in orange.

Online British History exhibits
The National Archives

Permanent and temporary exhibits on Jewish History in Britain

Ivon Hitchens: The Painter in the Woods
Garden Museum
8 May – 15 July 2019

Stanley Kubrick: The Exhibition
Design Museum
26 April – 15 September 2019

An Earthly Paradise: William Morris & The Thames
River & Rowing Museum
1 February – 14 July 2019

Queer Looks
Brighton Museum & Art Gallery|Brighton
30 June 2018 - December

Royal Society of British Artists Annual Exhibition 2019
Mall Galleries
4 – 14 July 2019

Van Gogh and Britain
Tate Britain
27 March – 11 August 2019

War and conflict exhibits

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